Report on Houthi Attacks on Saudi Territory

1 أكتوبر، 2018 | تقارير

The Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge released, today, a report on “Houthi Militias targeting the Saudi Territory” as part of the Center’s series of researches and reports on contemporary humanitarian issues and international relations.

The report, which is prepared by Brigadier General Hassan bin Dhafer Al-Shehri, consists of 24 pages, and outlines the Houthi/Iranian attacks targeting Saudi cities and populated areas including: hospitals, mosques, and schools, in flagrant violation of all international laws and humanitarian norms. The report cites the use of ballistic and tactical missiles by the Houthi militias, which amounted to 190 missiles up to now. Most of these missiles were smuggled from Iran, some were developed by experts from the Revolutionary Guard and Hezb Allah, and others were seized by the Houthis from Yemeni Military arsenal. These missiles targeted the Saudi depth, and varied between “Scud-B”, “No Dong”, “Burkan-H-2” and “Burkan-1”. Fortunately, these missiles were intercepted and destroyed before they reached their targets. The report stated that the Houthi militias targeted cities, towns, villages, and population centers along the southern border with old Katyusha/ Lona M; Sam rocket 2; Katyusha (Davina, Volga); katyush BM21, BM14, BM9 together with 120, 160, 82, and 81-caliber mortar mm. Targeting the Southern border towns and centers in Jazan, Asseer, and Najran with 67,000 indiscriminate projectiles during the past three years by the rebellious militias led to the death of nearly 400 civilians, 70 of whom were children. These crimes took place in blatant violation to human rights coupled with international silence from the U.N., and international human rights organizations, especially after confirmations from the Arabic human rights committee that 99% of the targeted-affected areas in Saudi Arabia are populated civilian areas. The report points that Iran provided the Houthi militias with large quantities of ballistic, tactical, and thermal missiles, anti-tank missiles, motor boats, drones aircrafts, and large quantities of weapons and ammunition through Yemeni outlets, particularly, through Hodeida, Hadrmout, Al Mohra’s ports and the land outlets in the east of Yemen. Moreover, it bolstered their military capabilities by upgrading the inventory of the former Yemini Army through Revolutionary Guard and Hezb Allah experts in flagrant defiance to the international and humanitarian laws and U.N.’s resolutions. The Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge posted this report on its website via the following link:


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