Center for Research, Knowledge Communication, Beijing University of Foreign Studies Co-sign Expanded MoU

24 December، 2019 | Asia-Pacific, News

Riyadh, Dec 24, 2019, SPA — The Center for Research and Knowledge Communication (CRIK) and Beijing University of Foreign Studies (BFSU) have co-signed an expanded Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for a period of five consecutive renewable years, here on Monday.
The ceremony of singing took place, in the presence of President of the Center Dr. Yahiya Mahmoud bin Junaid and President of the University’s Board of Directors Prof. Wang Dinghua.
Items of the memo included the exchange of students, faculty members, researchers and administrators, in addition to cooperation in publishing books, in Arabic and Chinese, academic materials and holding joint seminars and conferences, in both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People’s Republic of China.
It is noteworthy that the Center for Research and Knowledge Communication establishes many relations with the People’s Republic of China’s academic institutions, research and cultural institutions, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Yunnan and others, where it presents itself as an independent scientific research body, specializing in the study of politics and international relations, analysis of crises and supervision and research, in intercultural and interstate studies, in addition to specialization in the field of knowledge communication through programs, conferences, visits and exhibitions that are concerned with the scientific and cultural aspect between the Kingdom and the peoples of the world.

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