CRIK Publishes New Study on the Conquest of Hispania

5 February، 2023 | Europe, Publications

Riyadh – Asharq Al-Awsat

Saudi Arabia’s Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge (CRIK) has published a new study entitled “Conquest of Hispania…Study of Plan and Military Strategy,” including a piece that criticizes and scrutinizes the theory of Ignacio Olagüe that argues the Arabs did not conquer Andalusia.

The study is led by Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed al-Sanidi, professor of history at Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU), and former president of the Islamic Center in Granada.

The study provides a new viewpoint on the conquest of Andalusia including an argument that disputes the theory of Orientalist Ignacio Olagüe in which he claims that “Arabs didn’t conquer Andalusia.”

According to al-Sanidi, the conquest was the result of many strategies Muslims adopted in their wars and military operations in different fields.

In his theory, Olagüe claims that “the conquest of Hispania was a peaceful movement that didn’t involve any Islamic troops; it was the result of influence enhanced by dialogue, and mutual ties.”

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